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Stays in Polanica

For some time it can be observed in our country's ever-increasing interest of tourists in a vacation and wczasami not by the sea, but in the mountains. In such places as, for example, because situated in the picturesque Sudety Polanica Zdroj holiday perennial, not only can spend the winter holidays - which indeed is a very popular way of spending a winter vacation for many, many years - but also summer vacation and holidays, and even just long weekends or any other free days.

Particularly noteworthy is the town located in the Sudetenland, which is mentioned above Polanica Zdroj. This is one of the most popular spa towns, but also simply leave, and houses for rent Polanica Zdroj enjoy almost as great popularity as a spa all hospitals and sanatoriums, which is in that beautiful city of course, very much. It is worth to know that Polanica Zdroj is not only a spa, but also a great place to vacation, holiday or vacation for a large number of tourists, which annually visit this picturesque village in the Sudetenland.

Interestingly, every year more and more tourists come to Polanica Zdroj during the summer, choosing the top, instead of the sea, in place of holidays. Thus cottages Polanica Zdrój enjoy almost as great popularity as a holiday perennial in Polanica and Sudeten beautiful nature, as is clearly visible, attracts lovers of active leisure in the wilderness just as the winter months and during the summer.
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Jasny Dwór
Wczasy w Polanicy